Friday, January 1

Art sightings and soundings

Well, I know at least one person who has started the new year off with the proverbial bang — Bob Duggan, known in the art blog community as author of Art Blog by Bob, has kicked off his new blog-gig 'Picture This' at Big Think with some thoughts on an artist who uses gunpowder in his art and often ignites the works.

In his very first post (sonorously titled Art Boom) on the new blog, Bob discusses Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang's 'Fallen Blossoms' show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the pyrotechnics that kicked it off. That's right, the artist's exhibition openings often feature catering and fire marshals. Worth a look.
Photo: 'Transient Rainbow" on the East River in New York City, 2002 (from Cai Guo-Quiang's website)


  1. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of my faves. I must pay Bob's blog a little visit...

  2. Hi Ronda and willow, nice of you to drop by. Philadelphia is where Bob is based so the Museum of Art there is part of his regular blog beat.

  3. Sweet. As one who dealt with explosives in a past life, I love it when things go boom. I'm gonna have to check Cai's stuff out.

  4. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


  5. Daniel, I have rechecked all the links in the post and they seem to be working for me. Try again and good luck.


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