Monday, December 14

Wow! Poetry works! Theme Thursday snow sorcery

The last thing I did yesterday (actually, in the wee hours past midnight) before retiring to the pillow for the night was check Theme Thursday to see if this week’s tuning fork had been posted yet. But, no, I am on Central European Time (that’s GMT +1) and the much appreciated site was still somewhere in Sunday afternoon and showing last week’s Snow Day photo.

By the time I got up early this morning, snow day had been replaced by this week’s proposed topic: history. But the real news for me was that in that sleepy interim, we got a couple of inches of nature’s “blanket of soft forgiveness”, as willow so deftly put it in her beautiful communional flurry of wafered childhood memories. Yes, snow! While that is no great news in other latitudes, in the part of Spain where I live we can go two or three years without seeing any snow, so I was delighted, to say “deleast”. Apparently, last week’s theme wished to make a gracious snowy exit before ceding the stage to the thumping arrival of history's march.

And on the subject of willow, I was touched to see that she has posted the video of Stanley Jordan playing “Willow For Me” at the manor, kindly giving thanks to the alchemist’s pillow. I am very glad you enjoyed the clip, willow, but, of course, all thanks are due to the artists, Mr. Jordan and company. There is another beautiful rendition of the song, a more stately solo version of sartorial, seigniorial, and, yes, even manorial elegance from bass great Ron Carter, which I will include below. I hope willow and all of us will be as successful in finding “soft forgiveness” in this week’s more formidable Theme Thursday topic, history, as she was with last week’s (and last night’s) snowfall. A daunting challenge.

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  1. I am sitting here in my Zhivago hat, waiting for any tiny sacrament of winter to come my way and nothing. I am totally green with envy. Relish the magic.

    The Carter version of Willow Weep is beautiful.

    History? I haven't checked the TT site yet. That's a tough one!


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