Friday, December 18

Cinnamon tea and lemon peels

For María, canela y limón ...

Lazy afternoon pastel blues

cinnamon tea and lemon peels,
under the jasmine tree,
cinnamon tea and lemon
under the jasmine, we

linger in the long lazy

afternoon sunset breeze
pastries for communing bread
afternoon in the sunkissed breeze
pastels for communion, red

pomegranate smeared on azure
the horizon tugs on longing eyes, your
gaze on throbbing pomegranate seeds
my silence hammocked in your smile

Marlene Dietrich. "Lazy Afternoon", Live at The Cafe de Paris in London 1954:


  1. I dig the last line.

    Someone's a romantic, eh?

  2. Guilty as accused, Jeff. The poet Rubén Dario has a poem in which he asks "¿Quién quien es no es romántico" — "Who who is, is not romantic?".

  3. Beautiful, LLL. This piece reminds me so much of Eugenio Montale's work. I agree. That last line is wonderful.

  4. Thanks, willow. I'll have to look into Eugenio Montale; his work is completely unknown to me ... as are so many, many things. Do you have a favorite poem of his you would like to share?

  5. There are many I like, but this is one of my favorites.

  6. Thanks, willow, for the link. Truly beautiful. I will hunt around for it in the Italian original, which I do not speak, but can more or less understand with the support of my Spanish.

  7. Great poem, languid and beautiful.Class last line too!Can't wait for the summer, we are drowned in rain here.


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