Friday, June 4

Wear white shirts

I was going to post a strait jacket, but it was in use
Today I begin an intermittent series of memorable quotes and forgettable corollaries, where I pair a famous pearl of wisdom from some luminary of the worlds of art, literature, philosophy or music with my own personal interpretation.

Madness is the first sign of dandruff
— by Dr. Winston O' Boogie (aka Nonnel Nhoj)

"Wear white shirts"
— Lorenzo

This week's Theme Thursday writing prompt was "white". Go visit the bleacher seats at other Theme Thursday participants by clicking here.


  1. which is wonderful until you drip marinara down it at lunch and they the dandruff really does not matter...smiles.

  2. Yes, Brian, a tactical dash of marinara sauce is also one of my favorite ploys for distracting attention from the telltale dandruff flakes of madness...

  3. I think dandruff is the first sign of madness!

    Looking forward to more of your pairings...

  4. No, no, Bonnie, I think Mr. Lennon had his chronology and symptomology right, first comes madness, which is bearable, but then it leads to dandruff.

  5. My brain started getting loopy reading and rereading the quote to see which came first. Whichever comes first, madness might be easier to disguise. Is that the point?

    Oh, and I love a man in a bib-napkin.

  6. Haaaa! I enjoyed your quote, but I'm also enjoying these commments. Just be sure you pack a Tide to Go pen with all that white, or you will go mad.

  7. Great post, great comments. Just the levity I was looking for to start the weekend.

    The Tide pen, for sure, although sometimes we just use the straight on liquid hand soap.

    Happy Friday, Lorenzo!!

  8. That's good news. I can now stop looking for hair on the palms of my hands


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