Thursday, June 17


– Tickle me!
– Not now, hurry up.
– Come on mom, tickle me.
– Not here. Later.
– Now, mom. Tiiiiickle me!
– Jimmy, not now, please. Faster, there's the door.

         – Excuse me, ma’am, the oncology children’s wing is by appointment only.
         – Yes, we have an appointment, thank you.

– Tickle me.
– No! Hurry.
– Why? Are we late?
– No. Not yet.

This piece is for '55 Flash Fiction Friday' and I wish it was fiction. The idea is to tell a story in 55 words. To try one yourself and/or read others go see g-man.


  1. oh man...i dont even know what to say...i have walked that hall...

  2. I have been in an oncology unit for a child who eventually died..................I have never gotten over it.

  3. Kids will be kids; can't blame them for not understanding the gravity.

  4. Makes me sad to think of kids in places like this.

  5. So sad. More tickles are definitely called for.

  6. Poor mom. Can't blame her, I guess.

    Another well crafted 55, Lorenzo.

  7. Sad....But I LOVE the hidden message.
    You Rock!
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thank you for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  8. Children need to be free to be children even when they have cancer. You have given us a lot to think about with a mere 55 words.

  9. so much said in so few words...

  10. Last night we visited a birthday-lady who is dying of cancer--really. And she said in that weak voice, "Bring your violin"...and so I got to "tickle her" with a few old tunes. Sad, but then maybe not all sad...

    Good "55". thanks.

    Here is MINE

  11. Our parallels today are a little scary.

  12. Very moving. Drew me right in. Some people need all the tickling they can get. . .

  13. Always take time to tickle and be tickled.

  14. Laughter is the best medicine. I need more of it! Mandatory family tickling time tomorrow, that's it!

    Happy weekend, Lorenzo.

  15. A great 55. Sometimes we should all just tickle, tickle, tickle...

  16. Why do we hurry so when what would really feed our souls is stopping to tickle ourselves and each other?

  17. Interesting poem, and lots and lots of visual food for thought, I like the hope of the last line

  18. dammit! That comment is meant for today's poem (duh!)

  19. brilliant.
    and haunting
    and true


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