Tuesday, February 16

Magpie tales

Today marks the debut of willow's Magpie Tales blog, "dedicated to the enjoyment of writers, for the purpose of honing their craft, sharing it with like minded bloggers, and keeping their muses alive and well".

Her first prompt was the pewter creamer shown in this photo with the simple instruction "write a short fictional account or poem using the picture as your inspiration".

So, willow, here goes ...

In memory loving
between sleep and waking
when dreams alloy
with sun scented curtains
from the leaden shadow
she comes akimbo
hand on hip
a smile
a curl
a lip
the pewtersmith
lays a wreath
upon her breast

Good luck with Magpie Tales, willow! To see what other bloggers have found in the pewter prompt click here.


  1. Totally, awesome and sweet. And I adore the jug's shape you created with your words. I also adore the word "akimbo."

  2. The pewtersmith lays a wreath upon her breast? That is just too beautiful. And you even shaped your piece accordingly. Sigh. A lovely +.

  3. This is really great. I love how the piece makes me visualize exactly what you write. Isn't this going to be fun?

  4. and she became his lady, each day his lips to meet.

  5. I love the word akimbo, for the longest time I never knew what it meant but loved the sound of it so much. Thank you for using it and thanks for just a wonderful first edition of Magpie Tales.

  6. Dude, never tell me you're not a poet again.

    And I'm with Evening Light Writer: I LOVE the word akimbo. I've not used it in years... gonna have to rectify that.

  7. Gorgeous, both to look at and to hear aloud.

  8. I love the shape you gave to the poem as well as its meaning.

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. It's funny, the poem came to be almost whole and intact in a few seconds, shape and all.

    Brian, I love that last line you suggest.

    I see a few new people on the blog. I'll make the rounds as soon as I can and get over to your neck of the woods.

  10. This is quite good. Succinct, illustrative, well written. I didn't participate but am interested and perhaps will next week.

  11. Interesting piece you wrote. . . it seems to be a perfect fit --

    Dylan Thomas' -- is also one of my favorites,

    the dowsers daughter

  12. "Sun scented curtains" is such a lovely image!

  13. This was exquisite.
    I didn't participate , but was so looking forward to reading .

  14. Simply beautiful. Love the shape too.

  15. Wow, the first Magpie Tale prompt!

    Oh I like this pewter vessel as a woman. There is nostalgia here, in the sun scented curtains so perfect. I see my mother, her pewter cup for tennis or swimming or something, or simply best athlete at one of her schools where she always got that honor, with her ambidextrous hands on her athletic hips.


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