Friday, February 12

Escher, drawing hands, drew hands drawing Escher

MC Escher — Drawing Hands
This is this week's Theme Thursday post on 'Mirror'. For more reflections on the theme click here.

Blessed are they that believe that they are blessed
Don't nod
Dogma, I am God
Never odd or even
Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!

Madam, in Eden I'm Adam
Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
Draw no evil deed, live onward
Revenge beg never
Do go to God.

No, this is not a collection of Palin drones, but it's close. (caricature by Kerry Waghorn)


  1. You are too clever...palindrome, Palin drone! I LOVE it!! Okay, how long did it take you to do this? Hilarious.

  2. round and round we go and you led the chase-excellent! great post! c

  3. Hello Brian, willow, Jeff and CM, I'm glad you enjoyed the wordplay.

    Just to be clear, I did not concoct any of the palindromes, but scavenged, gathered and arranged them into the 'poem' (for want of a better word) and dedicated them to a celebrity drone from Alaska whom I thought it fits like a tee-potty (that's how 'tea party' is pronounced in Boston, where such things were invented for more compelling purposes many years ago).

    Most of the palindromes were found at the fun site:

    The post uses two types of palindromes. The first type is a word-unit palindrome, where the line is the same forwards and backwards when read word by word. There are two examples, one is the Escher line in the heading and the other is the Blessed are they ... title to the 'poem'.

    I should have credited these the way they are credited on the fun-with-words site, according to which the Escher line is from John Meade and the Blessed are ... is by Hugh Hazelrigg.

    The second type consists of pure palindrome lines, in which each line of the 'poem' read letter by letter is the same in either direction.

  4. However you did it the poem is brilliant and hilarious.

    And the dedication is perfect.

  5. Hi, Barry. I am very happy to see you here on the blog. I 'discovered' yours only yesterday thanks to a sidebar at willow's manor.

    As I said in my comment, I will be joining you in sonorous spirit on February 18th, chiming the bell for strength, health and good luck.

    I urge all who read to visit Barry's website, specifically the post, where the bell chime is explained.

  6. I know, LLL. I love palindromes and have seen each of those before. ;)

    My short one is still the best, though... HaH!

    Hey... I'm drained from the 10thDoM challenge... it's all I got.


    bob dylan - ala Al Yankovic

    Too Hot to HooT

    seriously - take a look at it, pretty genius

    (Your palindromes are genius too!)

  8. Jeff, yes, as a palindrome "HaH" is short and sweet and to the point.

    I can imagine you are indeed drained from your prolific and always interesting contributions to the 10th Daughter of Memory challenge. I have not forgotten your kind suggestion that I participate and will try to do so in future 10thDoM prompts when I feel I can find the time and something of interest.

  9. Hi, Niamh. I'm going to pop over to youtube to see the video. Thanks.

  10. That is fabulous--very clever indeed. I love it, and I'll have to share this with others. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Hi, Sue. I just got back after a few days away from home. I have to pop over to your blog and catch up.


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