Monday, November 30


After yet another dreamless night (an alarming confession for this dream-obsessed pillow-majordomo — how many such bottomless nights?), today I awoke with a photo in front of my mind, ‘Knots’ (by ©gauduchon). It was one of several that captivated me last night as I happily discovered the Onexposure photography website (

Yet, curiously enough, of the handful of images that I tagged as personal ‘Favorites’ on the site, it was the only I did not save to my alembic (also known as my PC). Perhaps the night was not as dreamless as I feared and at some point I did download it to my internal dreambase. And when I awoke, there it was, no there she was, complete with a name, not given to her by the photographer gauduchon or by No, one apparently assigned to her in the dreambase: “Xmo – the knotted muse”.

So what might she mean, this knotted muse that has come visiting upon a tongue-tied bard, a dream-stalled alchemist’s majordomo? Not sure, not sure at all. But perhaps she offers a path to follow back into my dreams. In the meantime, I will continue prowling (in a nice way I mean, no copyright poaching intended) through the Onexposure site and enthusiastically recommend all of you do so as well ( I will gratefully use many of the images posted there on this pillow.


  1. Every so often, when I'm stressed, I dream of tornados. I had a vivid one last night where I was trying to hold on to the roots of a tree for safety.

    I'm very flattered to see WM on your blogroll. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, for the comment, willow, and for your lovely blog. I find the moments spent there warmly rewarding. In those stressed moments when you dream of/with/in tornados, do the dreams ease or roil the stress? Did you find safety in (from?) last night's whirlwind?

    Your dreaming of tornados brought to mind Nina Simone's stirring version of Wild is the Wind (Net Washington; Dimitri Tiomkin). Here is a link to a YouTube video where you can hear it:

    As you may have surmised, I am very new at blogging. In fact yours is the first comment I receive (the first thread that hums in my private symbology). You will probably recall what a nice feeling that was when you began. So thanks, again.

    Bright moments,


  3. Thanks for, now subscribed in Googler.


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