Tuesday, October 5

Pondering a lamp New Englandly ...

This week, willow of Life at Willow Manor has used the photo to the left as visual prompt for her creative writing blog, 'magpie tales'. For some reason, in my mind the lamp has conjured up the image of Emily Dickinson, perhaps because she is said to have written so many of her poems by lamplight. So, although I do not have anything in the way of my own ‘creative writing’ to offer for the lamp, I am embedding a beautiful video excerpt from a very promising new documentary on Emily Dickinson called Seeing New Englandly. Written and narrated by the poet Susan Sinvely and produced by Ernest Urvater, under the auspices of the Emily Dickinson Museum, the film had its first public showing just last week.

I learned of this film from Maureen E. Doallas’s bountiful blog Writing Without Paper, which I enthusiastically recommend to everyone. In addition to being a fine poet herself, Maureen is a treasure trove of information and links to the worlds of painting, dance, theatre, art, poetry, photography and much, much more. Her daily posts overflow with such treats. A case in point is her recent post on Emily Dickinson, where in addition to the video embedded below you can find a wealth of resources on the beloved poetess from Amherst, Massachusetts. Thanks so much, Maureen.

Seeing New Englandly (opening) from Ernest Urvater on Vimeo.

To see what other ‘magpie tales’ participants have seen by the light of this lamp, click here.

* * *

I am honored to have been named Blogger of Note at the Words of Wisdom blog (WOW) for October 6th. I would like to thank Sandy and Pam, the kind and energetic souls behind that excellent meeting place dedicated to allowing bloggers who "enjoy reading and writing great content to find each other", and extend a warm welcome to new readers visiting my blog for the first time from WOW.

Sandy and Pam have asked me to provide links to three posts here that I think might interest new visitors to the alchemist’s pillow. So here goes …

For readers interested in my poetry you can read Dream shavings  or Making a rainstick. For writing on Spanish society and culture, I would suggest my post of this past Saturday, Tertuliante por excelencia. And if you are interested in humor, try My braggadocio screeches louder than your braggadocio.

Also, if you would like to know a little bit more about the blogger behind the lapis lazuli elephant, I recommend the interview I did just a few days ago with by my much esteemed blog friend Bonnie at her Original Art Studio.

But that’s enough about me; if you like, leave a comment and I will try to return the visit to your blog.

I would like to thank Joanny of the blog Live, Dream, Love for having nominated me as a WOW Blogger of Note. In addition to being an inspired blogger herself, Joanny has been a kind and supportive friend for nearly as long as I have been writing here on the alchemist’s pillow. Thanks Joanny.

So to one and all, welcome to the alchemist’s pillow, please make yourself at home, look around and enjoy your visit here …


  1. Blush-- thanks for the mention...

    You deserve many awards,,, for not only a wonderful writer and poet, but for the kind, thoughtful and compassionate soul you are.


  2. And so of larger -- Darknesses --
    Those Evenings of the Brain --
    When not a Moon disclose a sign --
    Or Star -- come out --within --

    The Bravest -- grope a little --
    And sometimes hit a Tree
    Directly in the Forehead --
    But as they learn to see --

    Either the Darkness alters --
    Or something in the sight
    Adjusts itself to Midnight --
    And Life steps almost straight.

    From "We Grow Accustomed to the Dark" by Emily Dickinson

  3. I am so honored by your words, Lorenzo. You are among my most faithful readers and a generous commenter. My many thanks.


  4. I checked out WOW thanks to you, and still think the Tertuliante posting has "legs", to be sure. I still think about it often, if that's any encouragement to the durability of your work. Thanks also for the WOW connection (they, too, have excellent and delicate taste), and for being "out there" yourself! EFH

  5. HI Lorenzo - lovely post... and nice recognition of your beautiful writing.

    I live about a half hour by car from Amherst, and look forward to seeing the film. Interestingly, as I watched the video, I saw a familiar hill-top in the distance in the painting of Dickinson in front of the window. I see the other side of the farthest peak on my commute to teach and it seems to have manifested itself in recent painting I did - a very recognizable form.

    Autumnal blessings from the forest!

  6. I am currently reading Emily Dickinson
    a late comer to all of this as I've said.
    My daughter just transferred to UMASS , in Amherst and I had a very quick late night tour of the gardens on the homestead. This daughter is actually going on the guided inside and outside tour as part of one of her elective courses, and doesn't much care, isn't life ironic sometimes?

    I'm hoping to get there again soon . In the meantime I've much to learn .

    thank you , again, for a wonderful post.
    and congratulations.

  7. You were already a Wow to me, and so I am not at all surprised that you would get a BON from the WOW blog. They are of your same spirit of generously spotlighting the work of others, and your work here is worthy of another spotlight, Bonnie's and now Sandy and Pam's. The three posts you linked of yours are a great introduction to your poetry, humor and portrayals of Spanish culture, and you offer much more besides, of jazz history and education, family history, and art.

    The movie on ED already has me hooked, thanks to this video. Thank you also for telling us about Writing Without Paper, which is also a wealthy resource.

    Congratulations, on these recognitions!

  8. nice...or WOW...congrats on the award lorenzo...and nice props for maureen as well...i would highly recommend your interview as well...

  9. Congratulations on your award, Lorenzo! Well deserved, indeed.

  10. A well-deserved award Lorenzo. Now you are a BON too! I've always been a Bon even before I had a blog. :-)

    What an informative missive, this post. Many wonderful links to explore, and I am humbled that you include a couple referencing moi and my blog. You are becoming known in this virtual world for your generosity of spirit as much as for your many talents.

    Thank you as well Lorenzo for the link on your sidebar. It seems to be attracting readers daily. How will you ever keep up with this bourgeonning popularity? You must protect your time for your art. My fears are showing.

  11. Hah, yeah... I've been perusing joanny's blog lately. She's got an eye for matching imagery with words. And she leaves me funny comments.

  12. Congratulations on your awards, Lorenzo! You have WOWed me since the first time i read one of your posts (it may well have been the poem you cite), and you wow me now with this one. That Dickinson project is fascinating! (Someday I will make a pilgrimage to Amherst) Thank you for promoting it.
    You are a most deserving fellow; I feel honored to "know" you, if only slightly.

  13. Congratulations on your BON day Lorenzo! your blog is an amazing find and I have to thank WOW for it. I am off to read more about your life in Madrid, watch the flamenco dancer (what a passionate dance that is!!) and your poems. The cherry on the top? You write magpies!! my favorite tales!! You had me at "Tertulia".. following now.

  14. I'm so glad to have found your blog thanks to WoW. After reading several of your posts, nothing could stop me from becoming a follower.

    I look forward to reading more and connecting with some of the blogs you mention.

    So nice meeting you.

  15. I'm thrilled to meet another writer, although I don't quite have the lustre that you do -- nor should I -- however, I am nonetheless happy to have stopped by to congratulate you on being today's B.O.N.

    Keep writing and finding joy --and giving it!

    Peace and serenity,
    -'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'
    -Stranger Than Diction

  16. Thank you for the clip of New Englandly. And thank you for your interview with Bonnie- Now that I know who you are and I know where you live i will be a frequent visitor- not to worry, I mind my manners, mostly- Great to find your handsome blog!

  17. congratulations on the award - well deserved. I have enjoyed meeting you thanks to Bonnies interview, and then coming here to browse your fascinating blog. Glad you liked the moonrabbit :):)

  18. So many places you have given me to go, Lorenzo :).

  19. I love Joanny! In fact, she just left a sweet comment on my blog earlier today, she is a dear heart.

    Lorenzo, I must say, I come with an appetite to your blog, because I know I will feast, visually, verbally and otherwise, at your blog table. Thanks, again, for a fine post. You are a kind and generous teacher.

  20. Well, congratulations, Lorenzo--and very well deserved, indeed! Your blog is always a treat. I want to see that movie about Dickinson. I heard about it, but hadn't seen this before--thanks for the link! I will be in Amherst at some point this fall, and I plan to investigate.

    And HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you, fellow Libra! I'll be thinking of you all day Monday! And many more!

  21. If it weren't for like-minded bloggers helping us along we'd never meet each other and would be doomed to remain in the murky shallows of the blogpool forever. I am glad to have met you.
    Congratulations on your awards and the recognition you have been given.

  22. Lorenzo, this is the third time today I have said that your blog is an art form. And it's so true! This is a beautiful post. Congratulations on your recognition at WOW. It is well deserved!

  23. I found you through Words of Wisdom, and am so happy for the introduction. Yours is a beautiful site (I love the Proust quote) and I am enjoying dreaming of a future as a tertuliante and getting to know you through your braggadocio.


  24. congratulations on your BON day...several days late to the party :)


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