Sunday, December 26

Christmas birdsong

prayers felt in hearts
that minds command lips
never to utter
will nest in throats
awaiting the day
they take flight on song 
Today is that day, my friends: sing your hearts out!

Merry Christmas from me and Ray Charles ...

For a stirring gospel version of Silent Night by Ray Charles and the Jubilation Gospel Choir of Newark, New Jersey, click here.


  1. Lorenzo, your six lines of verse echo my own thought-feelings this morning uncannily. The heartfelt unutterable prayers can sometimes only be expressed in music, or art. Words in song are different than words on a page, and they are where things come together and coalesce that otherwise may not.

    Ray really enraptured my already stirred heart this morning, and whipped me up into flight. How ‘bout I fly over to Spain for supper?

  2. A gorgeous birdsong. . . and, of course, no one beats Ray Charles.

  3. what a beautiful verse...uttering them so they dont get stuck...smiles. merry christmas lorenzo

  4. lorenzo - man you blow me away!!! happy christmas. steven

  5. Such a beautiful poem, Lorenzo, heartfelt and taking flight! Thanks for this little Christmas gift, made all the more lovely by the music of Ray Charles.

  6. The comment button isn't working very well on my blog site, Lorenzo. Thank you for stopping by the Eastern Woodlands. I hope your family is enjoying the holidays immensely. I wish you all health and happiness for the coming year.
    Love, Linda xoxo

  7. Happy 'belated' Christmas day wishes to you Lorenzo, here now as well as elsewhere.

  8. Gorgeous verse, Lorenzo, you always have the right words...

    Hope your entire week is one filled with rejoicing!

  9. I'm sure Ray Charles has worn out many a piano bench! I so love piano music and a good gospel choir! I am so looking forward to the upcoming year and my new found love of poetry. I have a video of my son's high school drama choir singing a Christmas song on my blog It is an unusual but very nice version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. (A December 17th post) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  10. Oh, how'd I miss this!? I love Ray Charles--he's the best. Hope your holidays are memorable, Lorenzo! We're relaxing before the New Year begins: I can hardly believe 2010 is almost over. This year has flown by!

  11. Beautiful birdsong...and beautiful music. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Lorenzo. Thank you for your friendship this year. Wishing you many moments of joy in 2011. I look forward to what you will teach me in the coming year. Happy new year!

  12. Lorenzo,
    thank you for this. for your gifts always.
    I came back to listen to Silent Night when I could truly give it a listen, the house is relatively quiet :), and I wanted it turned up and swirling in me.

  13. Warm and woolly wishes for 2011 to you and yours, Triple L! xx


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